Remote Team Building: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Many of us are working from home these days — but we still need to connect with our teammates.

Our Adobe Digital Video & Audio design team recently held a virtual offsite (a no-site?) and wanted to find an activity to kick off the event.

So, we decided to do a virtual scavenger hunt — based in everyone’s own house! 🏠

It was a big success — here’s how it worked.

Prompt and Go! (15 minutes)

When the team joined the meeting, we had a set of prompts ready to go.

Everyone chose 3 prompts and had 15 minutes to run through their home and photograph the items they found for each prompt — and if the item was small enough to move, they were encouraged to bring it to their computer to show everyone.

Something that brings me joy: my piano! 🎹

Breakout Groups (15 minutes)

After everyone had their items picked out, we split up into virtual breakout rooms in groups of 4–5 people to share the photos and items we had collected. Everyone in the group took a few minutes to share the stories of why they chose those items.

Sam shares why investing in fancy soap was his best pandemic purchase 🧼

Miro Board and Group Discussion (15 minutes)

At the end of the activity, we all got back together as a larger group and placed our photos onto a team Miro board. We looked around at all the photos and asked each other questions and shared particularly interesting things we learned from our teammates in the breakout session.

Our team’s Miro board

Through this activity, we got to learn more about each other by sharing these small glimpses of our lives.

Rather than being limited by working from home, being in our homes actually allowed us to share more of ourselves with each other.

What are you doing to connect with your team while working from home?

Many thanks to Alicia Mooty and Sarah Shen for putting together this fun activity!

Senior UX Designer